The short version of the story is that I dreamed up and designed Lovestruck + Golden during a summer-long stay in Washington D.C. After leaving my job in the bridal industry to travel with my filmmaker husband, I found myself in a 23rd floor hotel room with all of my seamstressing supplies and an entire golden summer to myself. While my husband spent his days filming all around the city, I split my time between the Smithsonian museums and the sunny hotel lobby. In the museums, I was inspired day after day with the stories of strong, fearless women and the mark they left on history. In the hotel lobby & conservatory, I drank lots of cups of coffee and sketched up a collection of bridal veils that ranged from perfectly classic to bold, colorful, and quirky.






The Lovestruck + Golden collection is based on my favorite best-sellers from my years working with brides, and on the top bridal trends of this year. However, if you’re envisioning a bridal style that’s all your own, contact us for details about custom design.


Creativity welcomed here.










The Midge Wedding Barbie started it all in 1992.

Still not over it.

You rock, Midge.